Easter Games

Egg Bowling
Color some boiled eggs and leave one white. Roll the white one into the center of a room and take turns to see who can roll their egg closest to the white egg.

Egg and Spoon Races
Eggs, spoons and an area to run are all you need for this game. Variations could include relays and obstacle courses. To even the odds for some of our less coordinated students, sometimes a discreet piece of bluetac is placed under the egg to make it stick to the spoon a bit easier. Cheating? Probably.

Knock 'ems
Each person picks an egg and taps it on a partner's egg. The first person's egg to crack loses and the winner goes on to challenge other winners in a knock out competition until there is one egg left.

You take three eggs and hardboil one and leave two raw. Put them in a bowl, have someone pick one out and smash it over their head. The one with the hardboiled egg wins a prize.

Math Egg Hunt
Hide plastic eggs with numbers in them, ranging from maybe 1 to 5. Fill some with candy in them too, so that everybody will end up with something. After all the eggs are found, total the numbers in their eggs. The one with the highest number wins a prize.

Indoor Egg Hunt
Is it raining on your Easter egg hunt? Hide jelly beans inside the house and have your kids hunt for them. Depending on the age of the participants you can make the hunt easy or hard.

Reverse Egg Hunt
Have your children make at least five eggs each and hide them around the house. When they are done hiding them, the parents look for them.

Teenagers Egg Hunt
This is a scavenger hunt for the older kids. When they get up Easter morning leave a clue at the starting point, for example, the kitchen table. Prepare several clues that lead to the next hidden clue. Be sure the clues are not too easy. At the end of the hunt have a prize, i.e. candy, a CD, or money.

Easter Guessing Game
Fill a jar with jelly beans, hard candies, chocolates, etc. Have the kids make a guess as to how many objects are in the jar. The winner gets $5 and everyone shares the candy.

Egg Roll
Mark off a start and stop point anywhere from 5 to 10 feet apart. Using a hard boiled egg ( can be decorated or plain) have the kids down on hands and knees. Roll the egg across the floor using only there noses. The first one to the finish line without touching the egg with their hands is the grand champion nose roller.

Bunny, Bunny, Hop....
This game is just like duck duck goose, with 2 changes. 1. Obviously, the words change to "bunny" as you tap each child, and "hop" when one child is selected. 2. Instead of running around the circle, players hop with their feet together. We found these results to be more fun than duck duck goose. When you start with a great original game which kids already know and like, it doesn't take much to explain the new rules and see their excitement soar!

Egg Toss
No Easter games can be complete without a round of egg toss. People pair-off and face each other at a starting line. Each pair is given one egg. An official blows a whistle or shouts some appropriate term like "Go!" and each person takes a large step backwards. The person in each pair with the egg tosses it to the person without. When all couples have completed their toss, the official signals for a second round and the process repeats (large step backward, toss, pause, etc, etc). If a couple does not successfully complete its toss, and the egg has not broken, they return to the starting line. If it breaks, they're out. The couple that's left in the end (presumably far away from the starting line) wins. Use raw eggs for maximum excitement. Game is best with at least pairs.

Duck Pond
Put plastic ducks in water and the children pull out a duck and get the prize associated with that duck. You could put numbers or shapes on the bottom of the ducks.

Duck races
Players line up on a start line. At the signal, they must all bend over and grasp their ankles. The first one to waddle to the finish line without letting go of their ankles, wins.

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